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In Position to Make the Call?
By Jared Greenberg
June 6th, 2013

Nothing is worse than a time when you are out of position. But how do you ensure that you are in position to make the proper call?

Jared Greenberg believes it is all about mentally preparing oneself for each play and bustin' your butt to get in the right spot to make the right call.

Take a look inside to see how Jared has tried to avoid conflicts with coaches and players about what constitutes the proper position to make the right call.

This article should flip on a few light switches, as it reminds us all that no matter what level we are umpiring, we owe it to the game and the players to be in the right spot on every play.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors
The world evolves around respect
By Jeff Kearney
May 2nd, 2012

Since the general public considers many umpires to be dumb, today I am out to prove different. 

I cover it all today, from writing... to important realizations in life... to Keats... to Shakespeare... to Frost... to video games... to contemporary novels... to a hundred other things and eventually, because this is why they pay me, to umpiring.

to read my take on things.

Show Me The Money — Part II
The happy times
By Jeff Kearney
May 1st, 2012

In Part I, Jeff discussed the Leagues he used to work in; the types of players that were involved; how they were run; and his opinion of a controversial rulebook.

Well, he's back.

Jeff discusses basketball in this second article in his two-part series ... or, should I say discusses softball?

Sign-in and come along for the ride. You make the call.

Show Me The Money — Part I
A boy's life
By Jeff Kearney
April 25th, 2012

I have a lot on my mind today...the joy of dealing with lawyers, bigamy, Jerry Maguire, Little League baseball headhunting, Memento, Terrell Owens, and, of course, basketball officiating. 

Errr...I mean, softball umpiring! 

to read a basketball official's take on softball.

When Fans Attack — Part II
Immediate threats
By Adam Powell
October 3rd, 2011

In conclusion to his series "When Fans Attack," Adam writes:

The ultimate worst case scenario for an umpire is a physical altercation with a spectator. Such events typically require a "build-up" period, in which the two parties engage in a series of heated exchanges that result in a physical encounter. 
Although such occurrences are rare, they can and will happen to umpires. I've seen it happen twice with my own eyes!

It is naive for an umpire to think that all altercations are solely the result of a spectator's contempt. Umpires can bring conflict on themselves quite easily, and this article is intended to help them avoid such situations at all costs.

Just sign-in now to learn how those situations can be avoided.

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