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In Position to Make the Call?


Hustle, hustle, and more hustle. I could stop typing right here because I think the verb "hustles" is self-explanatory when "umpire" is the subject. But there are a few keys to ensuring that on every play you are where you need to be.

For most it should start when we get to the diamond, before we step onto the field. We should take a small amount of time to get our bodies ready to go by going through a proper warm up. That could consist of a number of routines, including a light jog, stretching, and several light sprints. It is up to you what you feel best prepares you for the game.

Knowing the game

Knowing the situation of the game also helps us prepare for where we need to be in order to make the correct call. Knowing where the runners are, the count, the inning, and how many outs there are all plays into where we might need to be.


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