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Show Me The Money — Part II
The happy times

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  Show Me The Money — Part I — A boy's life
  Show Me The Money — Part II — The happy times

The "happy" moments

One of the great joys of my softball umpiring career was when players would attempt to argue rules with me. That always made me laugh ... and laugh ... and laugh. They would make a big stink about the particulars of the strike zone, or the substitution rule, or the all-important on-deck batter rules, or whatever. All I could do was laugh and laugh – and try to change the subject, hoping that would distract them from the fact that I simply didn't know any rules.

Of course, I am joking here ... somewhat ... well, not really.

I had the same fantasy many of you have had. You know, the one where you toss a dissenting player the rulebook, and say, "Hey, you go figure it out." Which, of course, is impossible in the ASA rulebook since most people can't get past the first 700 pages, which are dedicated solely to identifying who the Regional Area ASA Representative is located in southern Utah. I think the rules are after that, on the last couple of pages.


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